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Please note: As of 12.03.2013, official support for NonverBlaster:hover has been dropped, since the web moves on and Flash is not needed so much anymore. These Pages continue to exist here for archiving purposes.

NonverBlaster:hover is an easy-to-use player optmized for publishing media like video and audio files in XHTML-websites. It is highly customizable without having to open Flash.

For a full list of features, code samples and discussion please go to the related blog post.

The player features many variables to adjust options like autoplay, loop, show or hide the controls etc.

Moreover, there are some javascript functions available to control the player from the outside.

Download this demo and the source as .zip file

NonverBlaster:hover was designed and developed by Rasso Hilber. It is licensed under a Creative Commons "by" Licence. It is free to use for any kind of project you like, commercial or uncommercial.

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